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July – New Changes Are Here!

Hi everyone! We made it to July and summer is now officially here!! I hope that you’ve all been enjoying  the change of weather and that all has been going great! But in addition to enjoying the awesome weather, I’ve been busy over here too! So let’s take a look and see what I’ve been up to!

July 2024 Writing Update

Primary Projects

Scion of Magic (New Series): In Progress – 45% Complete
Starbreaker (New Series): Completed!
Starbreaker Book 2: Started!

Co-Written Projects

Paragon Book 4 – Alex Knight – 10% Complete
Deck of Destiny – Harmon Cooper – 15% Complete

Other Projects

My New Website Is Now Available!
The Starbreaker Web Serial Has Started!
Scion of Magic Web Serial Starting July 9th!

My Newly Refreshed Website Is Live!

To kick things off this month, I am super happy to announce that my website has undergone a full revamp and is now live for all of you to see! Not only is it freshly facelifted, I am happy to announce that my store is back as well! For those of you who have been asking about Posters, prints, and other merch from my series, you can buy them again! However that isn’t the only piece of exciting news I have to share because today I am happy to announce that I am debuting a brand new web serial section to my website where you will be able to read all of my web serials – for free!

That’s Right – It’s happening! Starbreaker Is Finished And The Web Serial Is Now Starting!

Now I know I’d had a ton of hype about this over the last few months, but I am happy to announce that Starbreaker is now polished and sent off for audiobook production! (Release details TBD – but we’re aiming for Feb/March of 2025!) This book was a blast to work on from start to finish and I am so excited to hear what you all think of it – and as it happens that is going to be sooner than usual!

And that’s because starting TODAY the Starbreaker web serial is now Live on Royal Road, Patreon, and my Website with its first 10 chapters – all for free with more coming three days a week every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until the story is done!

Of course, like all running serials these days I also have the option for all who are interested to be able to subscribe either to my Patreon or my Website to be able to read up to three weeks (9 Chapters!) ahead of the free chapter posting.

But Wait There’s More!

I’m sure you know by now that I don’t do things by half measures, and this time is no different! That’s why I am also happy to announce that I have the first 10 chapters of Scion of Magic ALSO available for reading on my Patreon and Website for free with free (and advanced) chapters arriving every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday! Doesn’t that sound awesome? I sure hope so! (Royal Road Chapters for Scion of Magic to start next week on July 9th for those interested to read there!)

Heck, That Does Sound Awesome Luke! Tell Me More!

Woo! I’m glad you think so and without wasting another moment of your time, let’s get those descriptions, expectations, and links out!


Born of a pyre ten thousand souls strong. When stars are right his home will die.
Hollow of heart; black hunger unending. Eater of light. Vanquishing kings.
Doom in hand; pour loose the sands of time. Ender of hope. Feller of storms.
Twinmaidens blood stains; on sorrowful soles. Fast claimed war’s domain. Glad of war. Glad of pain.
Beast eyes close for him. Vault’s gates open.
Starbreaker, thrice named.
Starbreaker, awake.”

—Prophecy of Aion Origin, date unknown

Sylvas Vail is a big fish in a small pond, the most powerful mage on his planet. But when the doors to the cosmos come crashing open and all the untold wonders and terrors of the universe come pouring in, he is left with only two options:

Ascend or die.


  • Space Fantasy Setting
  • Military Academy Setting
  • Strong, Hardworking MC
  • Multiple Progression Paths
  • No Harem
  • Fast Paced Story & Action Pacing

This series is for you if:

  • You Liked Iron Prince, Starship’s Mage, Stargazer’s War
  • Want a Space Fantasy Twist To The Typical Academy/Progression Story
  • Are Looking For Something Extremely Fast Paced With Satisfying Characters and Progression

Release Schedule: 
12PM Eastern Time – Monday – Wednesday – Friday with every 4th week being a ‘break week’ with no chapters. Next Break Week: July 22nd to 27th. Next Free Chapter July 3rd.

Links To Read This Story:
My Website
Royal Road

Scion of Magic:

Death, it turns out, is nothing but a new beginning for Vincent.

Rather than a final curtain call before the sweet embrace of oblivion wipes away his grievous wounds, Vincent awakens in a body that isn’t his and in a city he’s never been in before. With only the cryptic words of a long lost god and the fragmented memories of a life once lived to guide him, Vincent finds himself burdened with an impossible task: to prevent an unknown corruption from devouring the realm whole.

Except there’s one problem. From what he soon discovers, it might be too late.

Far too late.


  • Strong But Depowered MC To Start
  • Gradual Progression Throughout
  • Different Take On Cultivation/Magic/Power Progression
  • Rare Blue Boxes To Keep Details Organized
  • No Harem
  • Slow Burn Story & Action Pacing (Come sit a while and listen)
  • Snek Draggo

This series is for you if:

  • You Liked Primal Hunter, Bastion, Legend of the Arch Magus
  • Want a Slow(er) Burn Reincarnation Story
  • Are looking for a deep and wide Power Progression System

Release Schedule: 

Note: This series will be delivered on a ‘Best Effort Basis’ with occasional (but well communicated pauses) as I split my time writing Starbreaker and Scion of Magic.

12PM Eastern Time – Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday with every 4th week being a ‘break week’ with no chapters. Next Break Week: July 29th to August 3rd. Next Free Chapter July 11th.

Links To Read This Story:
My Website
(Royal Road Chapters to Start July 9th!)

Going Forward

With the launch of the serials, this marks a bit of a transition point as to how things I will be delivering my solo ‘Luke Chmilenko’ content. For my solo series, that being Starbreaker, Scion of Magic, Ascend Online, and eventually ‘Oops, I Was Accidentally Transported To A Fantasy World And Taught Dragons About Capitalism’, they will all be offered as web serials first before being published, allowing those who want to read them far in advance of official Amazon/Audible publishing.

Wherever possible/applicable I will try to avoid stubbing for as long as I can, however with Kindle Unlimited being a core part of my earnings, eventually the free chapters will need to come down to satisfy Amazon’s requirements. I’ll do my best to communicate this as best as possible so people aren’t surprised, but I want to be upfront about this.

I also want to be upfront with my planned ‘break weeks’ for each serial. These are being built in from the start to help manage my mental and physical health long term. Writing at the pace I do isn’t always sustainable, especially with the quantity of projects I have beyond it (and also the fact that I enjoy seeing my family as well as playing video games). These break weeks, staggered for each serial, is to make sure that I can either catch up if I fall behind, or offer me a chance to rest on a story if I need to.

In addition to all of this, I am also going to be trying something new as we go back into web serials, and that is offer native subscriptions on my website for those who like to read advanced chapters, bypassing Patreon entirely. While I am also going to mirror all my serial content on Patreon, my goal in setting up something on my website to make myself as platform independent as possible and give you, the readers, the best value possible in the long term. (And also to offer those of you who do not or cannot use Patreon a way to subscribe to me!) There’ll be growing pains as we figure all of this out, but I have no doubt that we’ll land on something that works out brilliantly in the end.

As for cowritten content – nothing will change in this regard, the books will still be published directly to Amazon and Audible as soon as they are completed and barring special cases, will not be featured on my Patreon/Website.

And That Marks Another Month!

I hope you all enjoyed this month’s mega update and decide to give both Starbreaker and Scion of Magic a shot! I am super excited to hear what you all think of them! For this month going forward my plan is to keep working ahead on book 2 of Starbreaker while keeping up with Scion of Magic in the background as I have time!

Catch you all again next month! I hope you all have a happy, healthy, and super fun July!


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