Hi everyone!!! Happy September! I hope that the last month has been great over on all of your ends of things and you’ve all had a chance to enjoy the summer! It’s been a super productive month over here on our end of things, but also one short on meaningful updates since it was all writing and not much else!


The Hands Are Flying!

It was a super busy month over here on my major focus for the month, Scion of Magic, and things finally starting to come together as I unblocked myself on a few key story points. Right now we are set to keep sailing forward as I insert a few chapters here and there while working in some of the bits and pieces that I’ve already written. I am really hoping that by the end of this month I’ll be staring down the final end to the story and can knock it out reasonably quickly come October. Here’s to having our fingers crossed that it all keeps flying together! Once it’s done and off to the editors I’ll be looking to jump full time into Threads of Fate and polish it off for early next year sometime as well!

The Comics Are Almost Here!

We know this project has stretched out quite a bit further than we hoped before delivery and we are doing our best to adjust adapt to that going forward for our future projects! It’s definitely been a big learning curve. In any case we are in the final stages of signing the comicbooks before they go out for fulfillment. With luck you will all start seeing them arrive sometime this month! We can’t wait to hear what you all think about them!

And Back To The Word Mines We Go!

And that’s all we really have for the month this month I’m afraid! With all of the kickstarters and other projects out of the way we’re back to the usual grind of words, which I am absolutely loving! I’ve no doubt that this next month will be fantastic one for production and I can’t wait to share with you all how far we get! Till then – I hope you all stay healthy and happy and thank you all for support!!


11 thoughts on “Wow, I can’t believe it’s September!

  1. Hi, I just finished reading Iron Prince and was wondering if there are still plans for a book 2 release? I was not able to find any recent information. I loved the book, Much appreciated!

  2. Hi there! There’s no meaningful update at the moment! Bryce is still working on the next Stormweaver book right now and likely once he’s done we’ll connect to plan out book 3 here. Soon as there is an update on that front we will be sure to make an announcement!

  3. Hey! Bryce is working away on it, but he is the best one to reach out for timelines and such! We have a subreddit set up over here to follow for the most current information!

  4. I’m afraid we have no idea! We’ve reached out to the publisher for an update, but they have yet to give us any meaningful timeline. Soon as we know however, we will let you know!!

  5. Howdy, I just finished reading A Blood of Kings (The Shattered Reigns Book 2) is there any plans for a release date of the third installment of the series? Thank you in advance for your time.

  6. Hey! We are definitely planning on continuing the series, however Bryce is still working on another project. As soon as he finishes it off, we will put our heads together and start working on book 3!

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