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Gatesealer, you’ve arrived just in time! Search below for your next assignment, but beware, the Gateborn are coming!

What is there to do after civilization has fallen? 

After everything that there has ever been was washed away in an endless tidal wave of destruction, brought about by monsters that defy reality?

Well, for one thing, you can take your life into your own hands, just like Auric decides to do.

Auric from Paragon

Paragon: Book 1

Paragon of Blood

All Auric Cain ever wanted was a chance.

A chance to prove himself. A chance to take control of his life. A chance to be more than a lowly D-Tier, the lowest of the low in a world broken by the arrival of an alien, enigmatic being known as The System. And the seemingly endless hordes of Gateborn that accompanied it.

But chances are hard to come by in the fallen remains of humanity. A century of decline, of desperate struggle, making just surviving another day challenge enough, let alone striking out to find and challenge an Ascension Gate.

Or in Auric’s case, even getting permission to try.

But when he finally takes matters into his own hands, that’s when he finally gets his chance. A chance that sets of a chain events that no one, let alone him, could have ever anticipated. A chain of events that could very well reshape Reality itself. Unless he can find a way to stop it.

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Paragon: Book 2

Paragon of Shadow

Auric Cain found his chance.

He proved himself, took control of his life, and became stronger than he ever thought possible. So why is everything falling apart? Literally.

With the help of allies old and new, Auric thwarted Salvo’s plan and narrowly avoided cataclysm. But in the wake of that confrontation, something went very, very wrong.

Now everywhere Auric turns he sees that his home, his world, and even the System itself are coming apart at the seams. Entropic gateborn roam the wilds unchecked while rogue storms and freak anomalies spring up seemingly at random. And worse, there’s rumors of something coming in the distance. Something that arrives without warning and leaves only the shattered remnants of reality in its wake.

Auric achieved the power he’s always dreamed of, but with Salvo gone, there’s no one left to stand beside him. To figure out why the System’s unraveling. To fight against the oncoming chaos. If he’s going to survive, he’ll have to delve deeper into the inner workings of the System than anyone ever has before—right back to where it all began.

Auric Cain found his chance, and if he’s lucky, he might live to regret it.

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