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Hat Trick

A punny adventure for all to enjoy!

Ig would have loved nothing more than to quitely live out his life as a simple kobold, to sleep, to lounge around, to do absolutely nothing until he accidentally ended up on the wrong end of an adventurer or equally terrifying monster.

But instead, he found a hat. A talking hat. One that contained the mind of the greatest wizard ever known.

Hat Trick (Book 1)

Drop of a Hat

A powerful wizard and a lowly kobold experience a magical meeting of the minds in the first book of this comedic fantasy-adventure series.

Absalom Scryne, the greatest wizard of his generation, has been murdered. There’s no other explanation for why his consciousness now resides in his well-worn but perfectly pointed hat.

Well, he isn’t going to take that lying down . . . or hanging from a branch, as the case may be. Instead, he’ll hop on the head of the first foul-smelling kobold that comes along and convince it that it’s in everyone’s best interests for them to undertake the epic journey through the Badlands—past horny necromancers, rustic werewolves, and rampaging ogres—back to the shining city of magic at the heart of civilization, where he will promptly kick the backside of whoever it was that finally managed to stab him in the back.

Assuming, that is, he can teach a kobold how to use magic, survive all the roaming adventurers who consider a kobold to be a very minor payday, and prevent anyone else from claiming the wealth of arcane knowledge that is now bound within the rather handsome piece of haberdashery that he has become.

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Hat Trick (Book 2)

Hat's Entertainment!

Magically transformed into a hat, a wizard must endure being worn by a dwarf questing through a labyrinthine underworld, in this comical fantasy adventure.

Answers and vengeance are so close that Absalom Scryne can almost taste them. Perhaps if his consciousness had been transferred to a pair of shoes instead of a hat, he would’ve had the necessary tongue to do so . . .

Having made it through the Badlands by the skin of his crooked yellow teeth, Ig the kobold celebrated the achievement by blowing everyone up. Now, separated from the unhygienic scalp of his apprentice, Absalom must navigate the pitch-black underworld—traversing a miners’ strike, a dungeon complex, a dragon’s lair, and the domains of creatures best described as eldritch—perched atop a dwarf.

But will they make it back to the surface? Will we ever see sweet, stinky Ig again? What has the circus got to do with anything? Discover all this and more as the adventure continues!

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