Hi everyone! Oh boy, where did July go? Feels like we just blinked and it was August already! It’s just crazy how fast the time is flying by here! In any case, I hope that you’ve all been doing well and are ready for another monthly update! So without any further ado – let’s get that update card up there!

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

We had another great writing month for July for both Ascend Online: Threads of Fate and Scion of Magic. This month was a bit all over the place with a bunch of piecemeal editing/rewriting work across both projects and I’ve finally managed to ‘unstick’ myself on Scion of Magic which is a huge mental relief for me. I am hoping to devote the majority of this month and next in plowing ahead on the book so I can get it completely finished and off of my plate – then I can turn my full attention back towards AsO and hopefully do the same too! Fingers crossed that the words come easy for this next month and we don’t hit any unexpected snags!

And That’s A Wrap For Savage Dominion!

Thank you for everyone who supported us on our launch of Voidgod, the last book in the Savage Dominion series! We appreciate all the kind and excited words that came our way after we all saw Maulkin and the others off on their last adventure. Right now Gray and I are finishing off a few other projects that we have on our plates then we will be putting our heads together for a brand new series next year sometime.

The Shadows Are Beginning To Stir…

The next Paragon book is underway! This month Alex and I are super excited to be starting to laying out all the details for the next entry in the Paragon series and while it’s still a little bit early to know just when this next book will be out, we are hoping that it will be sometime early next year. Of course, soon as we have a better idea of how our timeline is looking, we’ll let you all know!

The Comics Are Being Signed!

That’s right! The comics have arrived to me and have since been signed and sent along to Jason and Kayla! Over the next couple weeks they’ll be adding their signatures to all of the books and from there we’ll be doing our best to get them off into your hands ASAP afterwards. For those of you who have backed this project – keep an eye out for updates! Soon as we have the comics fully signed and at the fulfillment house we will let you all know!

And That’s The End!

Thank you all for another awesome month of support everyone! We’ll all be heading straight back into the words and projects ASAP! See you all again next month!



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