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Kicking off June!

Hi everyone! Happy June! We’ve made it halfway through the year! Woo! (Also can you believe that? Where did everything go so fast?!) I hope that you’ve all been having a super happy and productive month the last month, it’s certainly been the same here! Let’s hop on and take a look what we’ve been up to!

June 2024 Writing Update

Primary Projects

Scion of Magic (New Series): In Progress – 40% Complete

Starbreaker (New Series): In Progress – The Final Stretch

 Co-Written Projects

Paragon Book 4 – Alex Knight – Planning & Outlining
Deck of Destiny – Harmon Cooper – Started!

 Other Projects

Ascend Online: The Comic Series Issue #2 Kickstarter Launching June 4th!

That’s right! It’s Kickstarter Month!

It’s been a long time in coming, but I am happy to announce that the Issue #2 Comic Book Kickstarter for Ascend Online is set to go this month! It will be launching at 12pm EST on June 4th and will run for three weeks until June 25th! Everyone who is interested in helping us back this project and being ready for it’s launch should follow the project here!


Starbreaker is Almost There!

For this month the majority of my focus has been on getting Starbreaker polished up and ready for audiobook recording and I am happy to say that I am almost there! I am hoping to have the book wrapped very soon in the near future so we can get it out into the world! Stay tuned for more information – but we’re super, super close!


A New Project – Deck of Destiny With Harmon Cooper!

That’s right!! We have a new project on the schedule now and this one is with the legendary Harmon Cooper! After years of talking about it the two of us have finally decided to put our heads together for Card Based Progression Fantasy that I have no doubt you’re all going to love! It’s still a little early for us to toss out too many details on it, but as soon as we have something new and exciting to talk about, we will let you all know!


And That’s Another Month In The Books!

And that is that! I know this month hasn’t been all that crazy in terms of big updates, but the work continues onwards! I’m hoping that it’s not too much longer until I can show you all what I’ve been working on with Starbreaker and you can all let me know what you think! Until then though, I hope you have a happy couple days until we’re back to celebrate the Kickstarter launch! See you all soon!


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