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August is here!


Hi everyone!! Happy August and welcome to a brand-new month!! I hope that you’ve all been doing wonderfully this last stretch here and have all been enjoying your summer! We certainly have here! It’s been a super productive month last month and I am excited to catch you all up on what I’ve been up to! Let’s get that card up and see!



Blurring words – but knocking out chapters!

All this last month I have been ripping away on words for Threads of Fate to the point where it’s been just a complete blur at how much I’ve gotten done! This is largely because I am currently writing the book out by hand on my amazing reMarkable tablet…and I haven’t gone and converted it to text just yet. But in any case, given the pages that I’ve written, this has easily been one of the most productive months that I can recall as I’ve burned through the book getting ready for its release over on YONDER…which I am happy to say as of two weeks ago is now live!

Yes, that’s right! For those of you who want to start reading Threads of Fate, the first seven chapters are now live over on YONDER for your reading pleasure with three chapters releasing every week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays until the book is finished!

If you are looking to keep up with the book you must head on over and grab the YONDER app for your phone over here ( and check out Ascend Online from there!

Unfortunately with the way the app is designed at the moment, we don’t have an easy link to share beyond this one here: so you will have to directly look up the stort via the search function!

In any case, once the book is finished we will immediately start on the audiobook production and the physical novel to get them out in your hands! In the meantime I am going to be working away to get this book finished off as soon as possible so I can jump right onto the next thing!


Dragoncon News!

With the new month starting I am happy to announce that some of our Dragoncon panel scheduling is coming through! For those of you who are attending the convention there will be a huge LitRPG panel coming in on Saturday September 2nd that you absolutely won’t want to miss!

Hope to see you there!


And what next thing is that? The card looks pretty empty this month, doesn’t it?

It sure does, and that is by design, if only because so many things are out of my hands now and deep into production that I don’t feel like they’re right to include here anymore as they’ll be pending for months on end. For those who remember last month’s update we have 3 books on deck in post-production that will be releasing likely towards the end of this year, starting December and go into 2024, however I don’t have any hard release announcements just yet. As soon as I do though, I will make an announcement! But beyond Ascend Online I am very much looking getting back to Scion of Magic and finishing it off in time for a bit of rest to wind out the rest of the year. Here is to hoping that plan works out!

And that’s all I have again for this update! Things are happily chugging along as a whole and we are deep in the writing weeds working hard! I’ll be back again with an update next month with hopefully some more exciting news! Until then though we hope that you all stay happy, healthy, and enjoy the last big month of summer!

See you all again soon!


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