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March 2024

Hi everyone! Happy March! We are making our way through the year and hopefully this month we’ll start to see some of the warm weather coming in to help us look forward to spring! In the meantime though I hope you’ve all been having a great last month! Now let’s start this new one off with our monthly updates!


March 2024 Writing Update

Primary Projects

Scion of Magic (New Series): In Progress – 20% Complete

Starfall (New Series): In Progress – 50% Complete

Ascend Online: Threads of Fate: Audio Pre-Order Now Live – May 7th

Co-Written Projects

Paragon of Shadow: Pre-Orders Now Live – April 2nd

Hat’s Entertainment: Pre-Orders Now Live – April 9th


First off – The releases are coming!

Now as you can all see on the update list we officially have full pre-orders up for everything! You can find them all here as follows:

Ascend Online: Threads of Fate: Audible

Paragon of Shadow: Amazon & Audible

Hat’s Entertainment: Amazon & Audible

If you’re interested in reading the books then now is the best time to grab them before they come out on release! However that said if you are looking for a chance to grab some of the books early – namely Paragon of Shadows and the following book – Paragon of Unity, far in advance of their releases, then my Patreon is the best place to grab that today!

That’s right – my Patreon is going to be coming back to life!

I know that I’ve let the place lapse over the last couple years – but unfortunately I just couldn’t keep up with it all – that’s finally changing now! I am in the process of giving the place a whole new facelift and freshening up all the content available on it. Going forward, the Patreon will be ‘the place’ to get all of my works long before they hit Amazon, as well as the place to get special, never-seen-before art work from the Ascend Online series!

But beyond just bringing back the Patreon, I am planning to go back to my web serial roots that I originally started from. For those of you who originally started reading me with Ascend Online, you might remember that the story first started off on Royal Road before making it to Amazon, I also serialized both Hell to Pay and Legacy of the Fallen there as well for early access chapters. More recently as well, I had the really fun experience of serializing Threads of Fate on Yonder, it made me fall back in love with the web serial format, especially now that my time is much easier to manage than it has been in previous years.

So with that said, my plan in the near future is to rekindle that and I will be posting both chapters of both Starfall and Scion of Magic for free on my blog and various other serial websites, then having advanced chapters on my Patreon for those who wish to read ahead. If this proves to be a good system, I will do an advanced chapter model for book 6 of the Ascend Online series as well (though this one will be exclusive to Patreon). However right now I do need to get some work in for the other two series and there are some exclusivity pieces still outstanding with Yonder and Threads of Fate. So they will be taking priority first.

In any case if you are interested in rejoining us on the Patreon – check it out here! There will be plenty of goodies coming starting April and onwards – in addition to the never before seen content here already!

But that’s not all the good stuff we have – We’re giving away Issue #1 of the Ascend Online Comic!

That’s right! In celebration of putting the finishing touches on issue #2 of the comic series – we want to give away Issue #1 to everyone who hasn’t had a chance to see it yet! Me and the team have had such an awesome time in getting this next issue ready for you all and we just can’t wait to see what you think! Which is why we are also announcing that we are getting ready for Issue #2’s kickstarter and that you can follow it today so you’re ready for it’s launch come May! We are super excited to be able to show you what we’ve been working on all this time!

So first thing’s first – Grab your free comic of Issue #1 here!

Then second – Follow Issue #2’s Kickstarter here!

And we’re done!

As you can see it’s been a big and busy month and I expect that this one will be no different! We’ve got so many exciting releases coming for April – to say nothing of Starfall and Scion of Magic, which are flying along awesomely as well! I am super excited and eager to hear what you all think of these books once they’re in your hands! Until then though, I hope that you all have a happy and healthy month and we’ll see you again soon!


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