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Spook-tober is here!!

Hi everyone! The spooky month is here!! Happy October! I hope that you’ve all had a great month and that you’ve all been doing well this last stretch! It was great to see so many of you down at DragonCon this last month! Thank you so much for those who came out to see me and my panels! It was such a huge heap of fun!

Past the convention it’s been a crazy busy month as per usual here and we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel here for a crop of our projects! So here we go with our update card!


Keepin it short and sweet this month!

So as you can see things are ripping along! I know there hasn’t been a word count update on AsO this month, which namely because we’ve been doing some cuts and reinserts on prewritten content that I’ve had banked in the past. This has largely resulted in a net neutral amount of words despite us moving closer to the end of the story. As things stand now, I think I am roughly 12-16 chapters away from the end, and I am super excited to get there!

Past the AsO news, I am happy to announce that GD and I have finished another one of our secret projects and have handed it in for production! I know all of this is pretty vague since we haven’t formally announced even book one of this project yet – but we will next month! So stay tuned for that awesome bit of excitement!

Last but not least is Paragon 3 – Alex and I are absolutely blazing through this next book and if things continue to go well, we expect to have the first draft wrapped up mid-month or so, which will then have us ready to yeet the book into editing and then to audible! It’s still a little too early to say as to when to expect these books to release, but as soon as we have a timeline, we will let you know!


Back to work!

And that’s all we’ve got again before we dive back into the word mines! We’re building up for another one of those huge release cycles before we vanish back into the void again and I am so excited to hear what you all think about all these books as they launch! Until then, I hope you all stay healthy and happy!! Catch you all again next month!


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