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Hi everyone! HAPPY DRAGONCON MONTH!! Woooooooo! It’s finally September time for the long awaited gathering down in Atlanta! I hope that I’ll be seeing many of you down there for the convention this year! I have no doubt it’ll be a blast! But before we get into some exciting convention scheduling – let’s get on into our monthly update card!



Knocking out chapters!

Much like we promised last month, this month was another fast and furious month of writing as we ripped through Ascend Online, which has finally blown past the 100k mark in a definite-won’t-be-edited-out-later state. Even better too – we’re gearing up to finally start diving into the final story arc, which means that the story is in its final legs and we’ll hopefully be wrapping it up soon!

I’ve been working super hard on keep the pacing for this entry super tight and fast moving, and because of that it’s been an absolute pleasure to write! I am hoping that I can keep this zooming pace up for the rest of the month (and somehow avoid Baldur’s Gate 3 and Starfield) so we can be knocking on the door of finishing the book by the end of the month!


But of course before we can dive back into the work we are going to be flying down to the biggest LitRPG Convention there is – Dragoncon!! I am down there at the convention right now as you read this (assuming that you’re reading this exactly through the days of September 1st to 3rd) and will paneling all throughout the weekend! In fact here is where you can find me!!



For this convention I will be more than happy to sign anything and everything that you have for me, and if you don’t have something on hand, I will be down with a huge stack of bookplates too for the Signing Showcase on Sunday so you can take my signature home with you anyway! Past all of this, I’ll be wandering around the convention, so there’s a good chance you’ll be able to catch me on the fly too!


See you next month!

And just like that we’re done again! This has been a huge month in the making and we are super excited for all of the Starfield DragonCon goodness this month! Looking forward to seeing you all down there!


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