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Marching we go!

Hi everyone! Happy March! (Gosh can you believe it’s March already?!) It’s been a blur of a few weeks since we last saw you all here – so welcome back for another awesome monthly update and let’s see what we’ve been up to this last month!




Editing Galore!!

Much like last month we have been hard at work with a TON of editing this last little while and as of right now I am happy to say that both Paragon of Shadow and Immortal’s Ascent Book 3 have received the silver stamp of approval to head into formal editing! Now that they’re off our hands our brilliant and hardworking editors will be working hard to find, fix, and flag every single error and plot hole that Alex, Chris, and I have hidden away in our respective works. Once they’ve finished their passes on the manuscripts – we’ll be right back at both of them to give them the gold treatment for publishing (which as of yet is still TBD other than 2023!)

Beyond those two projects I have made fairly decent way on Editing and Revising Scion of Magic – but truthfully it’s been a little bit of a bear on my plate until this last week. Fortunately thanks to a handful of helpful alpha readers I’ve managed to untangle myself from my mental block and I am hoping to give the book my full attention come March and have it silver stamped and sent to the editors ASAP afterwards!

But that’s not the only thing I’ve been working on!

Yes – the vague blogging is finally over! I can finally talk about one of my secret projects – which is short story in the ‘When Swords Fall Silent’ Anthology that will be coming out next week on March 7th on Audible narrated by some of your most favorite narrators and authored by some of your favorite authors! But I won’t waste my own words in describing the book when I can use someone’s much, much better words instead! Check out the description below:




Only one profession is at once more reviled and revered than any other…that of the hired blade. The paid killer. The assassin.

The When Swords Fall Silent anthology showcases the imaginations and talents of more than a dozen of the best modern science-fiction and fantasy authors, with each tale centered around one or more characters burdened with a bloody task they will see to completion no matter the cost. Every story takes you for a vicious ride through a world of shadow and death, each as unique in perspective and execution as the contracts carried out within.

This anthology includes work from the following writers:

Terry Mancour, Bryce O’Connor, David Dalglish, JA Andrews, Jonathan French, Luke Chmilenko, M.L. Wang, Marie Brennan, Michael J. Sullivan, Philip C. Quaintrell, RJ Barker, Andrew Rowe, Jay Boyce, Peter Flannery.

The stories within are read by the following narrators:

Tim Gerard Reynolds, Travis Baldree, John Lee, Kate Reading, Steven Brand, Emily Lawrence, Matthew Wolf, Mikael Naramore, Nikki Massoud, Kevin Kenerly, Eva Kaminsky, Kaleo Griffith.


That just sounds awesome, doesn’t it?! And guess what – that isn’t all of it either! In addition to this anthology hitting Audible next week, Wraithmarked will be launching another one of a kind Collector’s Edition on Kickstarter that is just packed to the brim with goodies that just won’t be found anywhere else! This Collector’s Edition will feature:

  • custom, gorgeous dust jacket
  • black-on-red foil case
  • full-color end sheets
  • customized interior
  • 14 character illustrations
  • Stretch Goals for editor’s signatures, black page edges, and a lot more!

If this sounds like something that you must absolutely have on your shelves – well, then follow the project here! That will get you the instant notification when the project goes live on March 7th!

Back to the mines!

And that’s another wrap for the month! We’re in the home stretch for finishing another book, so I am off to go do exactly that! I can’t wait to have this current crop of books, plus the ones I haven’t told you all about yet (whoops), in your hands as soon as possible! Until then though we’re going to sign off with a huge thank you for all the support you send our way! We truly appreciate it and hope that you enjoy our next project!


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