Hi everyone! We’re back again with the final update of 2021 here as well as a Happy 2022 to everyone! Here is to an ever more awesome year for us all! As is tradition here I like to do a bit of a wrap up to see what we’ve done for the year so far and to take a look at what will be coming down the pipe ahead. So let’s hop to it!


What We Did In 2021:

This year we had three new books released, Savage Dominion Books 1 & 2 with GD Penman and the Blood of Kings with the awesome Bryce O’Connor, all of which were smash successes for the year!

On the Kickstarter front we had two Ascend Online Projects – One for the Collectors Edition, which I am happy to announce has been printed and is currently enroute to the fulfillment house for eventual shipping directly into our backers’ hands. They look absolutely spectacular, and I cannot wait for you to get them all! Second was the Ascend Online Comic Series – Chapter 1, which is in the final coloring stage and is expected to be finished sometime next month. For those of you who have backed the project – please keep an eye out for your surveys which will be going out sometime next week!

Beyond those projects there are a bunch of other novels in the work that have also been finished and will be coming out in the first half of 2022. At the time of writing, I am happy to say that I currently have four books – Paragon of Blood, Immortals Ascent Books 1 & 2, and Savage Dominion Book 3, at the end stages of completion and ready for release in the near future – as well as a short LitRPG story that will be featured in an audiobook anthology. So, we will definitely be starting 2022 with a bang once we get the logistics of their launches figured out!


What’s in store for 2022:

To echo last year, and the update above, a lot again, though with a very great intention to slow down from the frantic pace of the last two years while also catching up on the few projects that have slid forward due to my hand injury which really took the wind out of my sails this year. Now with that said, this is my current docket for the year that I have planned out project wise, though it is likely that several of these projects will slide forward into 2023 in terms of publishing.


2022 Writing Schedule:

Solo works:

Scion of Magic – Scion of Magic Book 1

Threads of Fate – Ascend Online Book 5


Co-written works:

New Series: Untitled Book 1 – with G.D Penman

Untitled – Stormweaver Book 2 – with Bryce O’Connor

Paragon of Shadow – Paragon Book 2 – with Alex Knight

Nine Worlds – Nine Worlds Book 1 – with Demi Harper

Immortals Ascent: Book 3 & 4 – with Chris Harris

Whew, that’s even more stuff than I thought when I lay it out like this! But as I mentioned before, some of these projects will already be sliding out into 2023 in terms of publishing, with the majority of my focus this year going toward Scion of Magic and Ascend Online Book 5. (Don’t worry, Bryce is working hard on Stormweaver too!).

In any case, it’s my hope that I will be able to finish and release both of these books this year, though I do not have any sort of timeline at this point that I feel comfortable to committing to – if only because of how unpredictable and overworked my hand has been over the last few months. In preparation for this update, I had a look back at the total words written and edited between all of my 2020 and 2021 projects, and to my absolute shock I saw it was just shy of 2.5 million words, an absolutely stunning total and likely the reason why I’m having the problems that I am having. So with that said – I am looking to pull back on my absolutely frantic pace going forward. Possibly a lot if that what it takes for me to properly heal, or if failing that, not fall apart any further. In any case, I will absolutely keep you all updated on what to expect as the projects progress and eventually get finished.

And that’s all we have for this update here! I want to thank you all again for all of the support that you’ve given me and my projects over the year(s). I absolutely could not do any of this without your support! Here is to another awesome year to come, filled with all the exciting stories we could ever hope for.

Happy Holidays to you all and see you all again in February!




15 thoughts on “We Made It To 2022!

  1. Hey Luke,

    I hope you and yours had a great holiday season. The amount of work you put out is staggering, although I haven’t read anything other than Iron Prince. I’ll have to change that and get some of your other books.

    On the hand front, have you tried any speech-to-text programs? Even if it only gets half of what you say right, that still saves your hand.

  2. What is Immortals Ascent? There hasn’t been any previous mention of it here, and the first two books are already out? Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited, I’m just also confused.

  3. Hey there! They aren’t out just yet but will be soon. Originally Immortal’s Ascent was a book series released under a separate name that I really loved but never felt got enough critical acclaim (many, many years ago). But over the years I eventually managed to get in touch with the original author and we did a partial rewrite of the series to give it new life! Right now the first book is available on Audible for pre-order (with the ebook coming soon!) You can find the link here: https://www.audible.com/pd/Death-and-Glory-Audiobook/B09P9QKTFC You can also find a bit of a sneak preview of the cover off of a post on reddit here: https://www.reddit.com/r/litrpg/comments/rm7d5p/got_special_permission_to_post_this_from_a/

    In either case, the book will be going live on January 25th! So it won’t be long to wait!

  4. Thank you so much! I do hope you enjoy the other books if you give them a shot! And yes, voice to text is really the only way I get anything done at the moment – though I do feel I am a bit faster while typing. Hopefully with a bit of practice things will get faster!

  5. I love the first Stormweaver book, (it’s one of my all time favorite books) Iron Prince, and was wondering if there was an update on the second?

  6. Hi. First congrats on a huge amount of work. Really impressive stuff. I understand from your comments that bryce o’connor is the ‘lead’ at the moment form stormweaver 2. And as such your on with other things. I eould really appreciate you giving a vauge update as to words timeline and so on as ive tried to find Bryce’s blig and have gotten nowhere. Even a little hint would be enough. Also and im surevyouve been told this a million times, word has a pretty good dictation program now. I use it all the time. Might help the hand?????

  7. We don’t have any timeline for it just yet. Right now we are focusing on getting Stormweaver 2 done, then will see what comes next!

  8. Only that we are working away on it! We’ll hopefully have a more concrete update for it come spring sometime hopefully!

  9. Hi Luke,

    I discovered the Ascend Online audio books during a woodworking project a few years ago, it was my first foray into LitRPG and remains my favorite by a large margin. I’ve listened to them multiple times since and they are the standard by which I judge all other audio books, particularly while working on a project in my shop. I’ve ditched other books in order to re-listen to Ascend online many times during a project because the other ones just didn’t measure up. Sadly, they are one of the few books I can’t listen to while working, because I won’t be able to focus on the work portion of that equation. Keep up the good work.

    P.S. You would get no complaints from me if you decided to switch focus to completing Ascend Online book 5.

  10. Hi Santiago! This would be a question better directed to Bryce as he and I only partnered for book 1 of the series. He will be writing the remainder of the work on his own and currently about a third of the way through the next book so far! You can find more updates over on the /r/warformed subreddit!

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