Hi Everyone!

I am super happy to announce that the Ascend Online Comic Book is now live on Kickstarter! It has been a huge passion project of mine for the last couple years and I happy to finally say that it is nearly done! For those of you who have not been following my blog and other pages about the project we are translating the Ascend Online series into a visual format!

Sounds fun right? Now let’s take a look at what this project has to offer:

  • A 24 page comic issue of fully colored artwork which will be available in both Digital and Physical formats.
  • The opportunity to have your name included in a special ‘thank you’ section of the comic!
  • A Rare Goblin Linocut Print.
  • Posters of the Cover art.
  • And more! (Check out the Campaign to find out!)

But of course, I am not going to leave any of you high and dry without a bit of a sneak preview! Check out these two page previews so you can see what the comic will be all about!

Looks great! Doesn’t it? Haha! I hope it convinces you all to take a closer look at the campaign! Which you can find here.

Thank you for all reading and a double thank you for all who choose to back the project!


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