Hey everyone! Happy, happy September! I hope that you’re all doing well to start out the month! We’re back again for our standard monthly update here – which as you can all see already is a bit of a bare one since we’re missing the update card here, unfortunately that’s because…

…not much has changed

After getting a little better for the first couple weeks of August, I unfortunately backslid with my hand and had to stop again for the second half. It’s still better overall I think in terms of pain management than it was at the start of last month, but unfortunately, it’s just incredibly weak and easily tired at this point. I’m still working away on improving its overall strength, but this is now a long term recovery process, rather than something more short term.

That said though, things aren’t at a ‘complete’ stop, which brings me to…

Kickstarter Shirts and Posters Have Been Sent Out!

For those of you who have backed the project, I am happy to say that the orders for the shirts and posters were submitted a couple weeks ago and by majority have shipped out! Many of you have already reported in receiving your orders while the bulk of them should be arriving this week! So keep an eye on your mailboxes in the meantime!

Past that we’ve made great headway in finishing the details and work for the actual Collector’s Edition book. I am hoping that we will be able to finalize the artwork this week (which I will post an update on via the Kickstarter campaign!) and get the book sent off to the printers sometime this month! I really can’t wait to have this book in all your hands as soon as possible!

For those of you still interested in following up on the Kickstarter, the Backerkit store for the Collectors Edition will remain open for the foreseeable future – be sure to check it out and see if there’s anything you’re interested in!

And That’s All I Have Again For This Month

Much like last month, I wish I had more to deliver for this month’s update, but I’m afraid beyond my recovery there hasn’t been all that much going on. I’ve fully switched myself over to voice to text writing and I am in the process of getting back up to speed on both Paragon and Scion of Magic. I’m hoping that I start making substantial headway on those projects this month and have more exciting things to report for October.

As always until then, I hope you all stay happy and healthy!

5 thoughts on “Septemberrrr

  1. Do you have an estimate of when we might get physical copies of the new Savage Dominion and Shattered Reigns books?

  2. Thanks for posting these updates. Sorry to hear about your hand and hope it starts feeling better soon. Had been looking for an update of Iron Prince 2 since but see it’s still in outline and planning phase. Can’t wait till that’s done as it might be one of my favorite books. More importantly hope you get better soon. Thanks for being an awesome author.

  3. Hello Mr. Chmilenko, i have just recently finished the Iron Prince (Storm weaver) and it was an amazing work!!! it is one of my favourite books and it helped me whent trough a lot. I cant normally read a lot beacause operations are to taxing on my body and so audiobooks became my biggest joy in life. I love Litrrpg`s and everything around it (maybe its becasue of the implication that once someone gets a power they have a second chance in life, or because they became so special and such a unique existens that everything changed) I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing work and i wish you a joyful year.

    maybe when i have the strength i will write someting once i have listened to some more of your book

  4. Hope your hand gets better; I’m sure it’s impacted far more than just your writing. In the meantime, do you know when physical copies of Wyrmshard and A Blood of Kings might become available? I can’t wait to add them to my shelves.

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