Hey everyone! I hope you are having a happy to start to May! It’s hard to believe we’re already leaving April behind, but time is marching forward! But on the positive side that means it’s update time again! (woo!) So here we go!

Starting off with the high notes, April was a pretty good month on the both the editing and writing end of things! Last month I mentioned that I had a few rough chapters that I had to push through, and boy were they rough. I ended up spending a bit more time than I’d planned to get them into shape, but eventually it all worked out and I managed to plod forward into new content! That said though with that delay this month’s word count is a fair bit lower than the last – I started out the month with a total of 172,903 words and I’m finishing off here with a total of 193,408 which ends us in a gain of 20,505. Not too bad as a whole but still a few thousand words off my monthly target since I spent the extra time editing/rewriting. I’m hoping that May will end up being a strong month as I have a fairly big pile of pended words that I will be inserting into the coming chapters, which will definitely speed us past the 200,000 word threshold!

With one more month behind me, I’m starting to get a bit more clarity now on how the book is shaping up and I’m thinking that my previous guess is about right give or take a bit (okay, really just give). I’m generally expecting that Glory to the Brave will finish off somewhere between 250k-280k words, which we’re quickly running towards! So, with some luck and fast fingers on my part we can hopefully see this book hitting a late summer release! I’m hoping that by the time May is over and done with I’ll be even further along and have a better guess of how long the rest will take!

Now before we all go for the month – I wanted to drop one new thing that I’ve just started, my very own subreddit! If you’re a redditor and are looking for another place to follow me and talk about my work, this is the community for you! I am hoping that in the coming weeks and months that this will become an awesome place for everyone to hang out and chat in!

Okay! Now that’s all I got! I hope you all have another great month this month and I’m looking forward to coming with some awesome news for June! See you all then!

And of course, before we go – here is the next Starfall art teaser!

2 thoughts on “May We Keep Moving Forward!

  1. Hey thanks for starting up the Reddit page:-) . Though my auto correct was convinced that by mana I meant mama I was finally able to put out the theory I had (bad as it may be) so again thanks for that and working so hard on crafting these wonderful stories

  2. I really look forward to the release of “Glory of the Brave” as well as “Starfall”

    Ascend Online started my love for the genre of LitRPGs, and is my favorite series. Thanks for doing what you do, keep up the great work!

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