Hi Everyone!

We’re back again and Happy May! I hope you’ve all had an awesome, safe, and healthy month on your ends of things! As always, it’s been a super busy and productive one here, so let’s just jump straight into things and see our big update!


Wooo! Look at that, we have some finished projects on the chart! To kick off this update here I am super happy to announce that both ‘A Blood of Kings’ and Savage Dominion 2 are both finished and are moving onto the postproduction stages! For this month, the plan is going to be to clean them up, do self editing, and prime them for formal editing. Then once all that is sorted out, get them out and into all of your hands!

For Savage Dominion book 2, GD and I are super excited to get it into your hands ASAP and are at the moment softly aiming at an August release target, but anything firmer than that is still TBD. Once we know for sure, you will be all the first to know! In the meantime, though, we still have Savage Dominion Book 1’s audio release (Narrated by Luke Daniels!) to look forward to, which will be coming out on May 25th! If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet, please head over to Audible and take a peek!


Beyond the excitement of finishing off A Blood of Kings and Savage Dominion 2 and all the exciting preorders, we’ve been hard at work with Scion of Magic. Due to my ‘stuckness’ last month I spent a bit of time this month doing an intensive edit in firming/cleaning up the early parts of the story and writing ahead until I hit a good stopping point. Once that was done, I switched gears and sent the first third of the book off to the editor for polishing before planning out the next third of the story in detail and plugging onwards. I’m hoping that for this month I’ll start making faster and faster progress as we get into the guts and end of the story. (And also that the other two books are ‘mostly’ off my plate!). Here’s to hoping that I can have a big update for you all come June on that front!

Last but not least for this update here – Paragon is flying along awesomely as well! Following in similar fashion as Scion of Magic, Alex and I sent the first chunk of the story in for editing while plugging forward with the rest. We are hoping that by the end of the month we’ll be just about done or nearly done with the book and can start diving into the postproduction process. (Oh, and the cover artwork too. Did I mention that? It’s gonna be awesome!)

And that’s about it for the month! I do still have a handful of other projects that I am devoting a stretch of my time to for the month, but they are still in the grey, nebulous, ‘I don’t want to talk about them yet’ stage of things in case they go off the rails. I am hoping that possibly I’ll have a few new things to tack on come for our June update next month, but I definitely don’t want to jump the gun until things are ready!

Thanks so much for keeping up with me for another month! See you all again soon!


10 thoughts on “May We All Keep Moving

  1. Hi Luke if we wanted to support you as an author would it be more beneficial to buy physical books or audiobooks for your various projects? What would result in the most revenue making it to you?

  2. Honestly whatever is easiest for you and in whatever way you’d prefer to consume it! We get a fair cut in every single format and they roughly shake out to be within a few dollars each. We just want you loving and enjoy the books in whatever way suits you best!

  3. Hey Luke absolutely love your ascend online book series can’t wait for book five need some necromancy again loved fin though!!!

  4. Two things

    1. I just finished glory to the brave. And all in all I loved it. Really great. I couldnt stop reading.
    But i was a bit annoyed at the fact, that The Beast (Ballista) wasnt worth a thing. Why build such a marvelous Machine when it didnt do anything… That was really really horrible for me.
    Still. Great book and cant wait for the next one.

    2. Is there a map of ascend online anywhere? I am reading the ebook and there is non in there.

    Cheers and tha ks for the answer

  5. Ascend Online book 5… The wait is agonizing!

    How far are you taking that series? It looks like it’s a back seat project now. Will it die?

  6. Luke, I just finished binging all of Ascend Online (basically non-stop) on Audible. Glory to the Brave was intense! Can’t wait for pre-orders to open up for Threads of Fate! Keep up the great work!

  7. Thank you! I am happy to hear that you’ve enjoyed everything so far!

  8. I am hoping to finish Book 5 this year and likely release it next year in sync with the Audio! Beyond that, I don’t have a timeline for books 6 & 7, which at the earliest likely won’t be until 2023. I have a bunch of other publishing commitments that will have to be finished first!

  9. I think you may have the wrong book series! There is no necromancy or Fin in this series!

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