Hi everyone! We’re back again here with another writing update and WOAH it’s going to be an update (and also short and sweet!). My fingers absolutely flew this last month and I am super happy to say that the finish line for Glory to the Brave is finally in sight! Wooooooooooooooo!

Starting off from last month’s total, we stumbled into June with a word count of 219,049 words and ended with a count of 258,131 words for a net gain of 39,082 words! This is easily my best writing month ever since I started keeping track of my word counts and it puts us in a great position for the month going forward. At the moment now my next step is largely detailing out my outline to figure out how the last 9~ or so chapters of the book are going to go (and if it in fact will be 9 chapters, I may need an extra one or two. Or not. Or more. We’ll have to see!) which will hopefully not take me too long to sort out. Then after that I can get into the writing, and maybe, just maybe, finish Glory to the Brave this month without bleeding over into August.

I’ll caution you all and say that I kinda think that this goal might be a long shot. But seeing as I managed nearly 40,000 words this last month, it also might not be. It’ll just all depend on how clear the words come to me and if I end up liking them enough to keep them around. In either case though, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and I’m planning on sprinting straight towards it as fast as can while also making sure that I stick the landing.

So with that, please wish me luck and speedy hands, and I’ll be going right back to work…after this next art teaser of course.

(Oh, and also stay tuned for Glory to the Brave’s Cover Reveal come August! It’s going to be great!)

2 thoughts on “June’s over? Julying.

  1. Hay sooopo excited. But don’t waste time reading this keep writing so you don’t lose your rhythm. Thanks for writing these books

  2. Great news! Good luck and God speed Luke! I cannot wait to dive back in to the world you have created.

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