Hi everyone! I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but Happy July!!! I hope that you’re all doing great over there and are not only enjoying the beginnings of summer but are all happy and healthy! It’s been another crazy busy month here and I have plenty of good news to share with you all, but also some bad news too unfortunately. So let’s get this month’s update card up and we can dive in!

Okay, so I’m sure I know what you’re all thinking after that, which probably along the lines of ‘wait what do you mean Scion of Magic and Threads of Fate are ‘In Hiatus?’ with also probably a bit of ‘Hey I see new things on here!’. We’ll get to those don’t worry, but first I need to share a bit of bad news of why things are going into hiatus…

Which is because I hurt myself:

Or rather that I re-hurt myself again. Unfortunately since the beginning of the year I’ve been struggling with a particularly frustrating case of De Quervain’s synotenovitis in my right hand and thumb, plus a heck ton of forearm pain. While I’ll leave good old google to describe the particularities of that condition it’s essentially something that been causing my thumb, hand, and wrist to spasm occasionally when I try to use it, while just being generally painful along the various tendons and muscles throughout. In any case, I ended up undergoing a bunch of treatment to get it sorted out, and managed to get a couple good pain-free months as a result. Until I flubbed carrying a box and it came back this month with a vengeance.

Unfortunately the pain this time around is just a bit much for me to work through, and as a result, I need to step away from writing for the next several weeks, if not couple months, as I get myself sorted out again. It sucks, I know. But at the point I’m at now, my pain and general comfort level isn’t letting me keep focused enough to put out my best work and I need to make sure that I heal properly without accidentally making it worse (again). That said though, while a few things are going into hiatus, I won’t be coming to a complete stop. I’ll still be working on a few planning and cowriter related things, and whatever I can do one-handedly or through dictation (which is how I did this update!).

And that’s all I got for the bad news! Now let’s move onto the positive stuff for the month.

Scion of Magic

I managed to get a good editing and continuity pass done here with Scion of Magic over the first two weeks of the month before I hurt myself. This was mostly me trying to get back into the story after editing A Blood of Kings and Wyrmshard back-to-back and polish up a bunch of rough parts. I even managed to send the first chunk of the book to a couple alpha readers, and they told me they didn’t hate it. (Yay!). Heck, they may have even said that they liked it. Hopefully, I can get my hand sorted out in good time and jump back into this project ASAP.

Paragon of Blood is now in editing!

As the update card says, Alex and I are happy to announce that Paragon is now formally in the editing process! Woo! We jumped the gun a little early last month in announcing it because we wanted to make a splash, but we finished the book off early this month and are now in the process of shining it up. I am hoping that we can have the book finished off this month sometime and sent off to the editor for the formal editing process. It’ll just depend on how quickly I can get through everything on my end of things here.

Stormweaver Book 2 is now in Planning and Outlining!

That’s right! Bryce and I are finally going to be turning our attention back to this book over the course of this month to start getting our plan hashed out for the next book here. I know this isn’t much of an update, but it’s all I have to offer right now. Stay tuned for more info as we plug along!

The Collector’s Edition Kickstarter for Ascend Online is Funded!

Yes, that’s right! I am happy to announce that my Kickstarter project for the Collector’s Edition book has fully funded! At the time of this writing we have 276 backers for the Collector’s Edition, which is amazing! Thank you so much for everyone who has backed the project! It has been an amazing success so far beyond anything that I expected! I deeply appreciate all of your support!

If you haven’t had a chance to back the project yet, and still want to, I highly suggest that you do it now, because you’re running out of time! This project will only be live until July 5th before closing! And for those who won’t know, or haven’t had a chance to check just yet, in addition to the Collector’s Edition, I am also offering Prints, Signed Regular Edition books, and special Ascend Online T-shirts with all your favorite characters on them!

Announcing The Rising Fist With Alex Darwin

It’s finally time to peel back the cover on one of the secret projects I’ve been vague posting on the last little while, which is my partnership with the super awesome Alex Darwin of the Combat Codes and Wraithmarked for a new Progression Fantasy series titled ‘The Rising Fist’ which is best described as “a Southeast Asian inspired Gladiator meets Stormlight Archive.”

We have even prepared a blurb for you all to whet your appetite!

Van Dao is the loyal general of the Emperor’s elite fighting force, the Storm Fists, charged with keeping the dreaded Maquai from overrunning Saitan City. But when he is framed for a wrongful murder, the Emperor strips Van of both his rank and his legendary Storm Gauntlet, and casts him down to the Nightlands.

Van must lead a crew of prisoners in their escape from a horde of nightmarish demons before embarking on his quest for redemption and revenge. But to rise again, Van needs to climb the Strata of Saitan, a task that requires fighting and winning in the arenas set on each level of the metropolis.

We are super excited for this project and Alex and I have been working away on planning and outlining it for the last couple months. On our current plan, we are hoping to have the first book your way in sometime early 2022! So, stay tuned for more info as things come together!

In the meantime, Alex had a super amazing Cover Reveal for Book 3 of Combat Codes on Reddit yesterday – so be sure to check it out and grab his series there!

The Ascend Online Comic Book

Speaking of secret projects, here is another one to reveal! Over the last few months I have been working hard with the amazingly talented Kayla Kinsley and Jason Snyder in creating a comic book adaption for Ascend Online and the project is coming along awesomely! But don’t just take my word for it, check out this WIP sneak preview:

Looks awesome, doesn’t it?!

We are super excited to bring this project to life for you all and will be looking to debut it via Kickstarter once it is ready (and hopefully soon at that too!). As soon as we have a firm timeline for completion, and the Collector’s Edition is finished, we will be sure to share an update on where and when it’s going to happen!

The Blood of Kings Releases this month!

Yes! Despite me being out of commission for the next little while, the show – or the book release must still go on! Blood of Kings is book 2 of the Shattered Reigns series written by Bryce and I and is currently available on preorder for both Audible and Amazon. Both of which will be coming out on July 13th at the same time! If you haven’t had a chance to jump on this series just yet, then you still have plenty of time before the second one hits!

You can Pre-Order your book in either format over on Amazon or Audible today!

And that is it for the month!

Despite everything going on it has been a pretty busy one, and I’m looking forward to having a bit of a chance to slow down on my end of things. Hopefully, I can bounce back from my hand issues quick enough and find my stride again from there.

Until then, I hope you all stay happy and healthy! See you next month!

14 thoughts on “July Update, here we go!

  1. I’m a big fan of the ascend online series and will absolutely be keeping up with the comic it looks amazing and I would love to see a comic adaptation.

  2. Love all of your updates! I hope you heal up soon! Sending all of the positive, healing vibes your way.

    When will the audiobook for Savage Dominion book 2 come out??

  3. I am so excited to see Stormweaver on the list! It was one of my favorite books right after Ascend. I can’t wait to see more info in the coming months.

    Hope you heal up soon! Keep up the awesome writing

  4. Thank you so much! And currently we are shooting for an October release! Stay tuned for a preorder!

  5. Stormweaver Book 2 is now in Planning and Outlining!
    Awesome, I’m ready to pre-order right now

  6. Hi, is there a release date for a paperback version of A Blood of Kings (The Shattered Reigns Book 2)? Thanks

  7. Thanks for the update! Hope you’ve recovered a bit from your injury this month. I do hope that Stormweaver’s second book will be coming out at some point, as the first book was fabulous and we definitely need to see the series continue. 🙂

  8. At the moment there is not. Keep an eye on the wraithmarked facebook page however for announcement once it’s live!

  9. I am happy you enjoyed the book! We are on pace for a release sometime early next year! So it won’t be too much longer to wait!

  10. It wont help with typing but I found an ambidextrous trackball mouse to provide some relief for tennis elbow in one arm. Surprisingly didnt find it that hard to get used to using my off hand. Best regards.

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