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We’re here again to celebrate the end – and the start – of another month! So welcome to November! Woo! Just one more month to go until there’s only one more month to go for the year! (We can do this and finally say goodbye to 2020!) But until then, we have ourselves another writing update to get through, so let’s dive in as we always do!

All hail Stormweaver: Iron Prince!

Starting off first with the biggest update of the month, thanks to all of your help, Stormweaver: Iron Prince has been an amazing success these last two weeks, managing to gather over 600 reviews and shoot up the amazon charts in just two weeks! This crushed any and all expectation that Bryce and I had for the book and we are absolutely floored by its reception. Thank you for everyone who supported us with this book! If for some reason you haven’t tried this book out just yet, then well, now’s your chance! Your fellow readers have weighed in and absolutely love it!

For those of you who have read it and are itching to know about the sequel, Bryce and I are working towards it! Right now, we need to finish off book 2 in the Shattered Reigns series, and then we’ll be diving back into Stormweaver. With luck, we will be able to have the book ready and done for the end months of 2021. (Big books take time to write after all!)

Now announcing the next project!

I know I have been fairly secretive about the other projects that I have been working on, but it’s time now to formally announce one of them here, which is a new cowritten series with myself and G.D Penman titled, ‘Savage Dominion’! This is an Isekai Fantasy LitRPG that we just finished the first draft of this week. The next step is to go through the self edit process then the formal editing one afterwards. It’s a little too early to say when we’ll have this book turned around just yet. But if there is any way that we can get it out this year, we will *try*, but likely it will stretch to January. 

And beyond that…

I don’t know. Or I do, sorta, but I haven’t quite made up my mind just yet. Beyond Savage Dominion I have two other solo projects on my plate that I have spoken about before, the first being Starfall (A SciFi LitRPG Novel) and the other being Scion of Magic (A Progression Fantasy Novel). I’d originally planned to work on Starfall next after finishing this current crop of books, but after listening to some feedback from early readers and watching what the reception was like for both Glory to the Brave and Iron Prince, I am not so sure the original story I had planned is the right one. Specifically, the VRMMORPG and LitRPG elements within.

So, with that in mind I have taken my idea back to the planning stages to see if the book wouldn’t be better suited as a Progression novel, rather than a LitRPG. As I do that, I’m turning my attention more towards Scion of Magic for the time being in terms of active writing, but I’m not sure yet where my focus will land just yet. I really hope to be back into the writing groove by the month’s end, but we will have to see. In either case, I am planning for these next books to be substantially shorter than my usual works, so I don’t expect whichever I choose to take too long to write, after which I plan to jump back onto Ascend Online: Threads of Fate and finish that book off with the content that I’ve originally split off.

Okay! I think I’ve rambled enough here for the month, so I am going to wrap it here and get back to work! Thank you again for those of you who have supported Glory to the Brave and Stormweaver: Iron Prince’s launch and I will be seeing you all again come December!

10 thoughts on “In the home stretch! November here we come!

  1. For some reason iron prince is not available for purchase on Amazon kindle store. Do you know why and when this will be fixed?

  2. I just finished reading Iron Prince after reading Will Wight’s recommendation of it and I have to say, waiting till the end of next year to get the next book sucks after how amazing the first one was.

  3. Can’t wait for part 2 to appear. Iron Prince was one of the few fantasy/sci-fi books I enjoyed reading and got through it in an hurry. Reading it again will have to wait till just before you release part 1. Kudos for the Iron Prince!

  4. Hey, Luke when will Iron Prince 2 come out? I am waiting so eagerly that I have read book 1 twice!!! Pls, tell when will it come?

  5. It will likely be towards the end of next year! Bryce and I are working on Shattered Reigns book 2 right now, then will jump on Stormweaver again immediately after!

  6. I’m glad that you enjoyed it! Unfortunately we can’t rush greatness and want to be sure the book is as good as possible before we put it out into the world. Hopefully it’ll be out on schedule!

  7. Just finished Iron Prince and I’m devastated.. it was one of the best books I’ve ever read and now it’s over! Don’t know how I’m going to wait a year! If you need anyone to review it early feel free to let me know 😉

  8. Haha we will do our best to finish it asap, but we don’t want to rush it! Hopefully we’ll be able to get it finished on schedule!

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