Hi everyone! Happy July!!! We made it! It’s finally summertime! Woo! I hope that you’ve all been happy and healthy over the last stretch, and all has been going well! It’s been another busy month here on the writing and project front and I’m excited to update you all on what’s going on! Now let’s get that card up!



The Words Are Flowing!

It was a solid writing month this month despite what the word counts above might say otherwise! For roughly about half of the month I was working on Scion of Magic’s rewrites and unfortunately (fortunately?) I had another Idea. That caused me to change my track over the last couple weeks and ended with me putting the book aside for a little while I figure out exactly what I want to do next. Since then, I’ve been working on Ascend Online, which as you can all see, I’ve gone and blanked the wordcount for. This is because I’ve gone on another big cutting, moving, and re-inserting spree as I work out my outline and as a result there really is no accurate word count at this point. Regardless, the story is gradually taking shape into something that might actually be readable one day! So, progress is being made!

The Final Entry of Savage Dominion Releases July 19th!

I know it’s been a long stretch in between books, but Savage Dominion: Voidgod will be releasing on July 19th with the preorder coming up on the 12th. This is the final entry in the series for Maulkin and the others and Gray and I absolutely cannot wait to share it with you all! The audiobook release is still up in the air at the moment however, and as soon as we have a release date, I will be sure to let you all know!

Ascend Online: The Comic Series Is Off To Print!

That’s right! The comic is finally finished and is off to print! Yay! We submitted our order just this last week and are expecting to start receiving the comics this coming week and the following week after. Once they arrive to me, I’m going to be busy signing the ones that need to be signed before sending them along to both Jason and Kayla. Once they’ve completed their various journeys across the three corners of North America, they’ll then head over to the fulfillment house and from there into all of your hands! With luck they’ll all start arriving to you all by the end of this month.

And that’s all I got!

It’s another short and simple update again here this month as a few projects come to an end and others continue to chug along. Come this next month we are looking forward to starting the next crop of co-writing projects with Alex Knight and Demi Harper, so stay tuned for new and exciting updates on that front!

Until then, stay healthy and happy!


6 thoughts on “Happy July!!

  1. Any idea on when physical copies of Voidgod will be out? Or if Paragon of Blood will ever have a physical version?

  2. It’s in production, but Bryce and I only partnered for book 1! He will be writing the remainder of the series himself!

  3. I’m afraid I’m not sure on either account just yet, but hopefully soon as possible!

  4. Hi Sam! I only partnered with Bryce for the first book in the series – so any updates would be best to reach out to him for as he will be continuing with the rest of the books himself!

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