Hi Everyone!

I have just managed to finalize my plans for going down to Atlanta this year for DragonCon! I am super excited already!

I will be flying down into Atlanta on Friday, September 1st in the evening and landing late that night, then I’ll be at the convention for both Saturday and Sunday before flying back early Monday morning! If you’re going to be down there for the convention, feel free to get in touch and maybe we can meet up while we’re down there!

I am also hoping to ask for all of your help in nominating me for this year’s Dragon Award at DragonCon! If you loved my book and are looking for a way to support me, consider dropping in Ascend Online in the best Fantasy Novel category! Be sure to read the rules carefully and also nominate your other favorite books or games for the other categories! With your help, we can put the LitRPG genre front and center at DragonCon!

Looking forward to seeing you all down there!


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