Hey everyone! We’re here again in August and are back for an update and it’s another good one! It was a great writing month this month and while we haven’t quite hit the end of Glory to the Brave we are SO CLOSE to hitting it. So let’s not waste any time here and jump into things!

For those of who were keeping track of last month, I started July with a total of 258,131 words written in the story so far and as of today I’m currently sitting at a mighty 290,012 words for a net gain of 31,881 words!! Yes, that total a fair bit more than my original ballpark of 280k~ and it’s also going to keep growing! I’m ‘thinking’ now that this book will end somewhere in the 305k~ range, maybe a little less, (hopefully not too much more). At the moment I am about half-way through the book’s final battle and I’m super hoping that you’ll all end up enjoying it when I’m done! With luck I’ll be able to finish it off in the next week or so, then jump right into the editing process! So far with each of my books, the last few chapters have flown out of me in the span of a day or two each, and I’m hoping that these ones will prove to do the same!

Now with all that being said, I can’t say for 100% certainty when Glory to the Brave will be out, but my target at the moment is either sometime September or October with a short preorder (3~7 days most likely) to lead up to it. And also don’t worry! The audiobook will be following ASAP afterwards. If you want to follow the book, be sure to head on over to Goodreads and add it onto your shelf!

To tie you all over until then however, I have what you all came here for in the first place. Glory to the Brave’s cover! (Oh, and don’t forget to press ‘Play’, it’s an animated cover afterall)

8 thoughts on “Augusta wind has brought us…A COVER REVEAL!

  1. How long do you expect the audio book to take to release after the initial release of the book? I love this series! Keep up the good work.

  2. Right now we are aiming for a quick turnaround to have the audiobook out before the end of the year. So hopefully 2.5~months or less. Once I have the book done and delivered to the publisher, I’ll be able to say for certain when it’ll be ready!

  3. So exiting to be so close to the rlease of the book.But as always don’t feel the need to rush it take the time you need to make it great. The book practically has my give stars already.

  4. We’re working away on it and have a target to have it ready for January if things work out according to plan!

  5. I haven’t read 1.5 and I think I will start it when the pre order begins, that way I don’t have withdrawals 🙂

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