Hey everyone! Happy, happy August! I hope that you’re all doing awesomely to start out the month! We’re back again for our standard monthly update here too see how things have been going – so let’s help right into it with our traditional update card:

And as you can see, there hasn’t been all that much movement this month, mostly due to the hand issues, which is brings us to our first section.

The Big Ouch Is Getting Better

I am happy to say that things have been slowly getting better with my hand but are still not fully healed and at the point where I’m writing. I’ve made pretty great strides over the last month and am now able to do exciting tasks such as: open doors, start the car, and undo (some) buttons. The pain as well as managed to decrease substantially and is no longer a constant thing. That said, the hand is still pretty weak and I am still doing regular therapy for it. My plan at the moment is to continue along with my recovery plan and see where I am come September. By then I’ll be done my round of therapy and will hopefully be able to try writing consistently again.

In the meantime though while recovering, I have been busy on some fronts – namely the Kickstarter for the Collector’s Edition, which is our big update for the month.

Kickstarter Surveys Have Gone Out – And the Pre-Order Store is live!

For those of you who have backed the project, please check your emails and fill out the surveys as quickly as you can! This helps us get all the back end stuff sorted out and prepare the project for its next steps! The sooner we can get everything sorted out, the sooner we can go onto all the fun stuff such as design layouts and print mock ups for the printer. So please fill them out ASAP!

Beyond that, I am happy to announce that the Backerkit store for the Collectors Edition is now open! If you missed the kickstarter and are interested in still getting a book for yourself or any of the regular editions in signed hardcover format, this is where you can get it!Please check it out here and see if there’s anything you’re interested in!

And…That’s It For This Month

I wish I had more to deliver for this month’s update, but I’m afraid that’s all I have! Bryce and I are still working on Stormweaver, Book 2’s outline and I’m plugging away as best I am able to on the other cowriting/comic projects wherever I am needed, but I’m afraid most other things are at a stand still, and will likely be for the next month as well. Hopefully I can keep bouncing back and be ready again for September.

Until then, I hope you all can stay healthy and happy and we’ll catch you all again next update!


5 thoughts on “August, here we are!

  1. Oof – hope your hand heals quickly! That is a super sucky injury to have, particularly when cats get picky about which hand they want providing the pets

  2. Haha, thank you! It’s slowly getting better day by day, just need to give it the time to mend!

  3. Luke,

    Happy your getting better. Have you had a look at Dragon Naturally Speaking? A couple other authors i follow have used it and speak highly of it.

  4. Is stormweaver the Iron prince ? I hope so I have been waiting for this . First book is amazing .

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