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I know it’s been a long time since our last update on this site, especially one about Ascend Online, but I promise that’s because I’ve been super busy working away on it! As of this current writing, I am happy to say that things have been going very well with Glory to the Brave in terms of raw content. At the moment we have 245,000 words written in the story so far, with roughly another 15,000-20,000ish words to go until the current arc that I’m on is wrapped up. Which I expect will put the story at a mighty 260,000~ words. I also have about 20,000 more words that have already been written and need to find a new home in the story somewhere during the editing process too.  

Unfortunately, despite all that awesome stuff being said, it’s at this point where I’m forced to admit concern of just how large the book is getting. Because based on my current outline, I have one more final arc planned for the book after I finished this current arc, which based on my most optimistic guess, will be ‘at least’ another 60,000 words, possibly more.  

This would put the book at its top end, around 340,000 words pre-editing, which I’ll admit, is terrifying to think of, because I almost always add even more things during my edits.  

As a reader I can understand the excitement of such a large book, but as an author, I think I’ve reached the point where I need to get the hatchet out and split this massive chunk of words into two separate books with a more fleshed out and faster pacing of each. There is certainly more than enough content already written to do so.  

So, with that being said, I am afraid that I will have to be most likely postponing my original goal of a December release for the next Ascend Online entry as I try to do just that in a way that provides an exciting reading experience. I know that this is not ideal to hear, and that it has been a really long time since the last book’s release, but I feel that based on my gut and the opinions of a few trusted beta readers, this is the best move for the overall story. Hopefully I can turn this around reasonably quickly and put two solid AsO books out in quick succession with only a little more delay.  

However, with all of this being said, I am not going to be leaving you all in the lurch with nothing to look forward to, nor without a little bit of a tease of what to expect from the next book(s) coming down the line. So, in closing with this blog entry, I would like to present this newest piece of art that I have just recently had finished, which is titled: “The Siegebreaker”. I hope it entices all of you to keep looking forward to what’s coming next!

See the image in High Res here


23 thoughts on “Ascend Online: Glory to the Brave Update!

  1. Hey Luke! I really appreciate the update. I’ve been looking forward to the release of this book for a while now, but I trust your judgement in splitting it up. Does this mean that part II will release quicker than part I? Thanks again!

  2. Yes! I am hoping that the gap between the two books will be much shorter! I’ll need to see how it works out in the end though!

  3. Brother, I’ve read the first 3 books at least 5 times in the last year waiting for the next book. I’m giddy with excitement waiting for this! Please release it soon!

  4. I’m writing as fast as my hands can take me! I just want to make sure that it’s good in the end!

  5. I am just really really upset right now…
    You have me completely hook on 2 series now.
    I love Ascend Online and A Mark of Kings.
    I can not wait for more to come. Please do not cut them short.

  6. Haha, I am glad that you’ve enjoyed them both! I hope to have the next books coming out as soon as possible!

  7. I’m just glad that it’s still being continued, I was terrified when I had yet to see another book.

  8. Really love your writing man, its top notch stuff. Pretty hyped for more AO. Will this have an audible version too? Hopefully with the same narrator

  9. Thanks so much! And yes there is more coming and with Luke Daniels again! I am hoping to have the next ebook out early 2020, and the audio to follow soon after! Will have to see how scheduling goes!

  10. This makes me happy because it means more books but saddens me because I buy the audio books so I know it’s going to take even longer for that.

  11. Writing is like music, knowing when to let things breathe is difficult yet tasty task to master. Luke, you know these characters far more intimately than any other your audience (despite the sense of ownership that we feel as readers) and their journeys. Trust yourself and our experience will be better for it.

    Ps, shut up, take my money and give us moar book(s).


  12. Haha, thank you so much! I still hope to get it out as soon as possible! Hopefully for the spring if things work out!

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