Ascend Online: Book 1

Hi Everyone!

I am happy to announce that Ascend Online Book 1 now has a brand new cover art to bring it to life designed by the amazing Choi Yongjae!

If you’re looking to pick up a copy of the new Paperback or Hardcover versions you can order them right off of the Amazon book page!

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Ascend Online Book 1 Rebranded Cover!

  1. I remember passing on reading the book the first time I saw it. Later I was reading recommendations and Ascend Online came up a few times with high praise. When I went to look it up again the new cover was up. I know you can’t judge a book by its cover but Chois’ art certainly sealed it for me. AO was one of the last “popular” lit rpgs I read but it’s my favorite by far. Looking forward to the next. Thanks

  2. Thanks so much Matt! I’m glad that the cover worked out in your favor! Choi’s work is nothing short of amazing, and I know that the next one I have in mind for Book 3 will be even more awesome!

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