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Happy April and Happy Spring! I hope all of you are finally getting some nice warm weather as we crawl out of winter and finally into the warmer months of the year! Here’s to hoping for plenty of sunshine and warm days ahead! As always, it’s been a crazy busy month over here and I am excited to give you all an update on where we are and where we’re going, so here we go again!

Starting off with the Anthology – it’s officially done! Wooo! I’ve managed to comb through this month’s edits, give it some shine and send off to where it needs to be! It feels great to have finished off and out of my hands now. As I said before I don’t quite have a timeline on when this short story will be officially released, but as soon as I do know, I’ll let you all know!

Next on the list is Scion of Magic, which was unfortunately a monkey on my back this past month. I started off with my fingers blazing super fast on this and managed to knock out a personal best of about 15,000 words in four days on it and felt like I was going to crush the wordcount like a champion by the time we hit April. Then, uh, I got stuck. Really stuck. It’s a little hard to explain exactly how I managed to do that, but the best way I can describe it was that the ‘tone’ was wrong. In any case that really stalled me for a stretch of time as I deleted and rewrote, edited, rewrote, and noodled over the problem (probably rewriting about another 10,000 words in the process) before I decided it was best to just take a few days off and come back at it fresh. It’s only been in the last few days here of the month that I feel I’ve finally managed to unstick myself and I am really hoping to have a big month of April to make up for it and so I can get back on schedule. Wish me luck on that front!

Beyond my troubles on Scion of Magic though, the rest of the cowritten projects are just flying along! I am happy to say that The Shattered Reigns Book 2 – ‘A Blood of Kings’ is nearly done and should be polished off this week if all goes well. Once it is, it’ll be off to a flurry of edits, proof reading and the like so we can get it into Nick Podehl’s hands for the audiobook ASAP. At the moment we don’t have a hard date just yet on when the book will hit the shelves, but we are hoping for early summer. So stay tuned on that front! (Then yes, Bryce and I will turn our focus to Stormweaver 2).

Next up is Savage Dominion book 2, which is flying along awesomely and is on schedule to be finished (hopefully) May sometime, which will have its own flurry of postproduction stuff to have happen to it with a hopeful early summer release as well. But beyond the news of book 2, I am also super excited to announce that Savage Dominion Book 1 audio book is now available for Pre-order with a release date of May 25th and will be narrated by the awesome Luke Daniels! Please be sure to check it out here on audible and grab it if it tickles your fancy!

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Last but not least for the month is Paragon, which was mostly an editing and cleanup month for us as we added in some depth and polish to the beginning bits of the story as well as fleshed out some hazy details for the overall plot. We’re locked and loaded now for the month ahead and are ready to fly through April and get a solid chunk of words in! Here’s to hoping that we can be see the finish line in sight by the end of the month!

That’s all that I have in terms of announced and trackable updates for this month! There are a few secret and not-so-secret projects happening in the background, such as my upcoming Norse themed, Progression Fantasy series with Demi Harper which is now in its planning stages, and an Ascend Online Comic Book adaptation! (Plus also a coming republishing of a series that I just LOVED reading). But I don’t have much to share on those just yet, beyond ‘they’re happening’. Here’s to hoping it’s a super productive month for April and I’ll be able to pull the veil back on stuff come May!

Until then, thank you all for your amazing support! I wouldn’t be able to do this work without you all!



5 thoughts on “April we go!

  1. Just finished the audiobook Iron Prince, and man is it a good one. Never heard of you or Bryce, or even this style of RPG like writing. Just a random spur of looking at random books, and picking yours (probably due to the cover art lol) but you got me hooked. Will be looking into your past works, and excited for the next chapter of Raiden.

    A masterpiece that got me addicted for the first 10 mins of listening to it.

  2. Oooh a comic book version of ascend online sounds awesome. Looking forward to all of your projects so thanks and keep up the good work.

  3. Awesome! I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed it! There will be plenty more coming through the year on all fronts!

  4. After the next chapter in the shattered reigns is finished and work begins on Stormweaver 2 – Will we see work begin on Stormweaver 3 or is the plan to go for Shattered reigns 3? (Stormweaver’s can’t be written quickly enough).

  5. Honestly it’s too early to say at the moment. The books do take a bit of time to put together and the last thing we want is to burn ourselves out forcing an idea. We’ll likely do a gut check once we have the next book done and see where we are then!

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