Hi everyone! Welcome to the end of the year! It’s December! We made it! Yay! I hope that you all enjoyed the holidays to round out the month if you celebrated and enjoy the marathon elsewise towards the end of the year! We’ve had a fairly productive month over here on the writing end of things! So, let’s get right to our updates with our magic card to kick things off!


Paragon of Blood

As you can see, we are almost there with the number one entry on our list. Unfortunately, Alex and I couldn’t quite wrap this book for November’s end, but we are super close to it! We are really hoping that by the end of this week we’ll have the current draft done and can dive right into a final pass of edits before sending it off for audiobook recording! Once that’s done and we have a better idea of timeline from there we’ll be able to figure out a launch date for it!

Savage Dominion: Voidgod

Much like Paragon GD and I are inches away from finishing this book (and series!) and are right on our target with word count! This book will literally be done any day now and then be right off to the editing mines! We are super excited to share this with you the first moment that we are able to! Stay tuned!

Stormweaver Book 2

As I’m sure everyone is chomping at the bit to read, I am happy to say that Stormweaver 2 is plugging forward as Bryce dives into the writing, which in the interest of controlling excitement and managing expectations we are keeping a firm lid on word count wise. But with that said, for those of you who are interested in getting a sneak peek of the story to come it would be a good idea to keep an eye on the Wraithmarked Patreon this week for chapter 1’s arrival! 😉

Ascend Online: The Comic Series – Chapter 1

Check it out here!

As for our last update here I am happy to announce that the AsO Comic Series Kickstarter has not only fully funded, but that it also has hit TWO of our stretch goals! 😀 Thank you all so much for all of your support in helping us build this project to be the best that it can be! We cannot wait to be able to get the comic in your hands as soon as its finished.

But for those who haven’t yet decided to back the project – time is running out! The project will be closing on December 6th by 3pm EST! So if you haven’t backed it yet – now’s your chance!

And that’s all we have this month!

It’s a short and sweet update month this go around, and we will all be diving straight back into the work to finish everything that we can before the holidays! (And also to work on a few unannounced things yet to come this month!) Until then we hope that you’re all happy and healthy for the weeks to come and have a super happy and amazing Christmas and New Years!


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  1. Thank you! And we don’t have a timeline just yet – right now we are working on getting Stormweaver 2 done and finished. Once it is, we’ll regroup and figure out what’s next after that!

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