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Happy April!

Hi everyone! Happy April and happy Spring! I hope that you’ve all had a wonderful month on your ends of things and that the weather has finally begun to take a turn for wherever you are in the world! The past month here has been another fantastic one over on our end of things and I’m happy to say that we’ve got some exciting news! So, let’s dive in with an update!


April 2024 Writing Update

Primary Projects

Scion of Magic (New Series): In Progress – 30% Complete

Starbreaker (New Series): In Progress – 99% Complete

Ascend Online: Threads of Fate: Audio Pre-Order Now Live – May 7th

 Co-Written Projects

Paragon of Shadow: Pre-Orders Now Live – April 2nd

Hat’s Entertainment: Pre-Orders Now Live – April 9th


Upcoming AMA on r/fantasy – May 7th!


It’s Release Month!

I know we’ve been long waiting this for quite some time now, but the release month is finally here! We’re a stone’s throw away from Paragon of Shadow going live tomorrow on April 2nd and Hat’s Entertainment following next week! (And of course we can’t forget Ascend Online next month either!)

But if you want to make sure that you don’t miss any of these launches and have them ready on your kindle and phones the moment they release, the best thing to do is pre-order them now!

 Ascend Online: Threads of Fate: Audible

Paragon of Shadow: Amazon & Audible

Hat’s Entertainment: Amazon & Audible 

Of course too as I mentioned last month, if you are looking for a chance to grab some of the books early – namely Paragon of Shadows and the following book – Paragon of Unity, far in advance of their releases on Amazon, then my Patreon is the best place to grab that today! I also have an incredible amount of bonus goodies that have never been seen anywhere else, such as Ascend Online Playing Card Artwork, a short story snippet, and the still WIP draft of The Blood Crown. And is before both Starbreaker and Scion of Magic start serializing there – long before they hit Amazon!


Starfall is now Starbreaker!

Along with getting ready for the new releases in the next couple months, I have been working away on Starbreaker, which is the new name for the Starfall series! I am super excited to get both this and Scion of Magic out into the world for you all to read and enjoy! Right now the plan is to wrap Starbreaker this month and send it off into post production, then plan out and dive into book 2 soon as possible!


I’m doing an AMA next month!

To celebrate the launch of Threads of Fate I will be doing an AMA over on r/fantasy on May 7th! So mark it down on your calendars! If you have questions you want to ask me, or just want to come by and say hi, I’d love to see you there! In any case, don’t worry – I know this date is really far out, so I’ll be sure to remind you all once we get close!


Back into the word mines I go!

And that wraps another month! It’s been a super busy stretch here as we get ready for the next batch of books but I am super excited to hear what you all think about them once they go live! That goes double for Starbreaker and Scion of Magic which I hope to continue getting ready for you all to enjoy too! Hoping that in the meantime you all have a happy and healthy month and we’ll see you again to celebrate this month’s launches!


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