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July is here!!

Hi everyone!! Wow can you believe it’s July already?? Where on earth did June go? It’s just crazy that we are now right into the middle of the year and that summer is upon us! I hope that you’ve all been having a great last month and are ready for this new month to come – and with that, we’ll start off with our monthly update card so we can see where we are! 



Staying The Course

It’s been another productive month of working here for the month and I am happy to say that everything is firing away on all cylinders! Part of this month was getting the first chunk of Threads of Fate ready for it’s Yonder debut later on this month likely around July 18th. Starting then we will be having 3 chapters a week delivered for all readers to love and enjoy until the story is complete! Once it’s finished we will be immediately starting on the audiobook production and the physical novel to get them out in your hands!

Past our work on Ascend Online there isn’t all that much to update on – all of our other projects are essentially out of our hands and are working their way through the production pipeline. Gray and I are also zooming along on book 2 of our next secret project, which we hope to reveal in the months to come! (Oh and maaaybe you should all make some time for a new book to read come December if you catch my drift!)

In any case my plans for this month are to continue writing away on Threads of Fate for this month and to hopefully see the finish line of it by the end of the month. Once we have Threads of Fate wrapped, we will be circling back to Scion of Magic to hopefully polish off relatively quickly before the year is out.

Short, Sweet, and Back to Work!

And that’s all I got for you all today! Things have been going amazingly well as a whole this last little while and I am excited to get my next crop of projects out in your hands! As soon as we have some tangible dates to share I’ll definitely let you all know! Until then though we hope that you all stay happy, healthy, and enjoy these nice and warm summer months!

See you all again soon!


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