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June Here We Are!

Hi everyone! It’s June!! We have made it half way through the year and the weather is finally turning for the better! I hope you all had a great last month and are ready for summer to come! Let’s get ourselves rolling into another monthly update so we can see what we’ve been up to! 



Things are slowly finishing off!

The big cards keep on rolling here as we finish off our crop of projects…and uh, not really add all that much for the remainder of the year.

Starting at the top as we all work downwards I am happy to say that Threads of Fate is going along awesomely and I am getting more and more words out every day as I write new content and edit it into the stuff previously written – in fact that’s what I expect to be focusing my next week or so on as I do one of my editing and continuity passes before getting the chunk of chapters ready for Yonder. And yes, that’s right! That means that you will all be able to soon read Threads of Fate this summer – though unlike the previous books this book will be going back to its web serial roots and will be delivered on a three chapter a week pattern until the book is completed. The audiobook on the other hand will be delivered as per usual once the whole book is completed and everything is recorded!

Beyond Ascend Online I am happy to say that Gray and I finished off our secret project this last month and it is now off into editing! We will have many more announcements to come with this new series of ours but I am happy to say that it will be released this year – likely in December! As for the other projects they are still in production limbo and I don’t have any other updates at the moment – but the second I do, you will all know!

Lastly on the list – we are on the second last step of the process with the collectors edition! They are now on a boat and enroute to the warehouse for delivery! As soon as they arrive they will be on their way to your hands ASAP!

And that’s all folks!

For those of you reading all the cards I am sure that there’s one thing that you’ve noticed – that there aren’t any newer projects on the card and that things are winding down a bit. Well – that’s intentional…because we are all looking at taking a little bit of a break once we have Scion of Magic and Threads of Fate finished. We’ve been hitting things hard nonstop the last year and once the current crop of projects are over, I am looking for a well-earned rest for a month or two. I’m still not quite sure when that time will land month wise, but we are hoping that it is this year when we can enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation! In the meantime I’ll be back again for an update next month! Until then, we hope that you all stay happy and healthy!

See you all again soon!


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