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February 2023!

Hi everyone! Happy New Year and Happy February! I know we missed a big update last month and truthfully – that was because things were just too busy! It’s been a whirlwind of a last couple months and I have a bunch of exciting things to update you all on – so lets hop right too it with the update card!



Finish, Finish, Finish!

As you can all see from this list we have finished projects piling right up to the moon and back and believe me when I say I am drowning in post-production, editing, and polishing! Over the last couple months we have been able to finish our first and seconds drafts of Immortal’s Ascent Book 3, our first draft of Paragon of Shadow, and our first draft of Scion of Magic. With all of that now done, we are entering all of the various stages of post-production, grey hair growing, revising, anxiety, and editing for each of the books!

Given the sheer scope of work for all of this – I am generally expecting that all of this will be taking up the majority of February and likely March – especially as beta reader and editor feedback comes in for the various projects. Scion of Magic is already undergoing a chunk of revisions as we speak thanks to some early readers, and I hope to polish that off first before circling over to IA and Paragon for their respective read throughs and revisions.

Issue #2 is a go!

Beyond the novel writing I am happy to announce that the next issue of the Ascend Online Comic Series will be underway soon! Kayla, Jason, and I are super excited to bring you the next chapter of the series and hope to give you all some exciting sneak peeks about the production process over the months to come! For those of you who have already asked about this issue’s Kickstarter – it likely won’t be until towards the end of the year, and after Legacy of the Fallen’s Collectors Edition is completed and delivered. That said however – we will make an announcement when the pre-launch page is ready so you can all follow the project ahead of time and plan ahead if you’re interested in supporting it!

Speaking of Kickstarter…

…there is another project coming! A big project. An awesome one. In March! But at the same time…I can’t tell you all about it yet. That said however, if any of you are interested in backing another project by me and a bunch of other super amazing authors, then you should know something is coming early next month! Super vague, I know. But that’s all I can say until I get the green light to talk about it! Until then, stay tuned for more information!


Okay, that’s it! Update over! Back to the word mines for polishing, revisions, and editing! Hopefully when I come back I’ll be ready to yeet a pile of books your way before retreating back into the caverns again. In the meantime, thank you all heaps for all the support, excitement, and encouragement! We truly appreciate it!


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