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December – The Final Month!

Hi everyone!!! Happy December! How did we make it here already?! Can you believe that we are in the final month of the year? It feels like just yesterday that it was January! In any case in the spirit of National Novel Writing month, it’s been a fantastic one and I positively ripped through my writing of Scion of Magic this month and we are finally on the door stop of having it done! Let’s check things out and see how it went!


We’ve Broken Six Figures!

Over the last month I really found my stride in not only writing Scion of Magic, but just writing in general and I am happy to announce that hit my best month ever of writing this last month! From October 24th to November 24th I managed a whopping 46,000 words, which for a slow guy like me is absolutely stellar! Now that I have that big crop of words done for Scion of Magic we are on the doorstop of finishing the book which I really hope to wrap this month! For this month I am finishing off my second draft of everything written so far to solidify it in preparation for the final stretch of the book! So fingers cross all goes well and we can get this book off into editing before the years out!

The Ascend Online: Legacy of the Fallen Kickstarter Has Funded!

I am super happy to announce that we’ve successfully funded our third project and our latest Collectors Edition is now officially going to happen! Thank you for all of your support in seeing this campaign through and I am super excited for what comes next now!

Over the next few weeks we’re going to be finalizing the design for the book layout and the remaining artwork. But while we do that, there is still plenty of opportunity for those who didn’t get a chance to pledge to still get a chance at their rewards! If you’re interested in getting a copy of the Legacy of the Fallen Collectors Edition then head on over to our store here and order it now! We also have extra copies of Book 1’s Collectors edition, plus a whole bundle of other goodies such as Issue #1 of the Ascend Online Comic Book and Cover Art Posters!

And That’s It!

We are going to be heading straight back into to work now as we look to finish off Scion of Magic before the year ticks over and we find ourselves in January once again. We hope that you all have a wonderful holiday season in the meantime and thank you all for another year of absolutely awesome support! Here is to staying healthy and happy for the rest of 2022, and we’ll see you all again next year!


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