I know I am super late posting it here, but it is with a great excitement to finally say WORDS COMPLETE on Legacy of the Fallen!

Clocking in at a heart stopping 255,958 words this book is…much larger than I ever dreamed of it being. But hey! There was a lot to say and I think that this book ended up absolutely epic!

Right now the rough drafts are up on my Patreon for my awesome Patrons, but the editing process has gone well over the last week. I am hoping to get the final draft of the book up on Amazon within the next week or so! Fingers crossed!

4 thoughts on “Legacy of the Fallen First Draft Complete!

  1. Yes I will be! It’s already started production and I am hoping to have the book out end of April or Early May (But hopefully earlier even if we can get some schedules to line up! :))

  2. Yes! Please keep us posted. I’ve tweeted AudibleUK and they didn’t have an answer so this is good to hear.

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